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For rent an air-conditioned, modern and representative office with offices and a conference room in close proximity to the center of Katowice with available parking spaces and easy access and parking

Usable area of almost 100 m2, including offices of approx. 82 m2 and a conference room, social room, toilet and bathroom.

The premises provides your company and employees with comfort and professional working conditions:

  • Prestigious Building

Our office is located in an attractive building, which is considered one of the most representative places in the area. The interiors have been designed by outstanding architects in a modern loft style, which is conducive to concentration and effective work.

  • Convenient Location

The property is located in the vicinity of offices and shops, which ensures easy access to all necessary services. The proximity of the city center guarantees convenient transport connections and convenient access to key points in Katowice.

  • Air conditioning

The office is fully air-conditioned, which ensures a comfortable temperature in each room, regardless of the weather conditions outside.

  • Space and lighting

The office has many windows, which provides plenty of natural light and a beautiful view of the green surroundings. A large open space facilitates cooperation and communication between employees.

  • Availability 24/7

The office is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which gives you flexibility and allows you to work at times that are convenient for your company.

In addition to the above-mentioned outstanding office attributes, the property also provides full infrastructure in the form of:

  • Parking place

The office has exclusive use of 3 parking spaces, and there are also 8 rotational spaces around the building. There is also a large car park in front of the building and along the street, ensuring plenty of parking for employees and customers.

  • Security and modernity

The entrance to the office is secured with an electronic lock with a code and the possibility of authorization with fingerprints, which guarantees a high level of security.

  • Infrastructure

The office has two independent social rooms with kitchenettes and two modern bathrooms, which ensures comfort and convenience for employees.

  • Fiber optic Internet

The infrastructure provides the fastest possible fiber-optic Internet using an optical cable that is always reliable and independent of weather conditions. The office thus guarantees a constant connection of your company with the global network, which is necessary to run an effective business.

The premises is ideal for many types of activities, including:

  • Language schools: The open space is conducive to effective teaching and communication between students
  • Medical offices: Many rooms that are used for both group meetings and individual services
  • Lawyers', legal advisers' and notary's offices: The prestigious building and convenient location are ideal for law and advisory offices
  • IT companies: Modern interiors and flexible working hours are perfect for technology companies
  • Call center: Large space and easy communication are conducive to the effective work of the customer service department

We invite you to rent a modern and representative office that will meet all your business expectations! If you value your workplace. Don't miss this opportunity to quickly develop your company and invest in the perfect office for the flourishing of your organization!

More information on website LowcyNieruchomosci . pl

Call or text us for more information or to schedule an appointment any day of the week:

LOWCY Nieruchomosci | HOLDIMEX Group

Michael Mandowski

Phone/WhatsApp/SMS 7 days a week 798 440 300


Property description

Offer's symbol LWC-LW-71
Area 89,00 m²
No. of rooms 6
Floor 1floor
Building type new construction
Storey 4
Condition for registration
Windows new PCV
Built in 2020
Premises type one-storey
Premises utility Office Supplies, Office-warehouse, service, trade - service
Entrance from the street


No. of offices 6


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